Before the Judge – Analogy

Two part analogy. The justice of God. Before the judge.

First part answers the question, is God’s judging wrong? Often people are taught that God is love and doesn’t condemn anyone. This part of the analogy uses the person’s conscience to drive home how wrong it would be to have a god that isn’t willing to condemn wicked people.

Imagine a man killed all your family and loved ones during a family-get-together when you were out getting groceries for the party. Would it be wrong for a judge to condemn him in a court of law?

Because this person loves these people they would feel a righteous justice in the condemnation of such a murderer.

The second part answers the question; can your good deeds save you?

Imagine the same man that killed all of your loved ones got away and fled to an island. While there, he felt bad for what he had done, so he became a fireman and saved more lives over ten years than he took. With his money he also built orphanages and tirelessly helped the community.

Finally he was caught, came before the judge and you were there for the trial.

The judge asked him, “You murdered and stole from a dozen people and the evidence is clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that you did it. What do you have to say for yourself?!”

“Well, I felt really bad for what I did, so I saved many lives, gave to people and opened orphanages to make up for what I did.”

If the judge responded by saying, “I think your good works out weigh your bad, so your free to go.”

How would you feel about the judge?

Such a judge is evil himself and needs to be judged. In like manor, if God just let everyone go, he would be a wicked judge.

A good judge would respond by saying, “You took a dozen lives. Your good works do not bring back a dozen people from the dead. Your condemnation is just.”

In order for God to be good and just, He must judge justly.

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