Evangelism Testimonies by James (Jay) Hubbard

John Knox John Knox

Below Jay Hubbard has sent me a journal of evangelism testimonies spanning approximately a year and six months. I will start with the first post and periodically update it with new entries from the journal until we reach the end. Enjoy!

Feb 28/10 Talked to a software engineer today. He wanted to know why, if God commands us not to kill, did God require the Israelites to kill all the Canaanites in the cities they captured, even children. The answer of course is that God is Holy and He must punish sin. God waited until the sin of the Canaanites was “ripe” or full blown. I fear for our own country as we sadly see and experience the vast increase in wickedness in all aspects of life, even in our churches.
This brings up the question of why does God allow evil to exist. All world views struggle with why evil exists. The Bible and the resulting Christian world view offer the best and only explanation that bears up under the test of what we experience in everyday life.


March 6, 2010  Talked to a Jewish woman, Madeline.  Told her how impossible it was for her to appear before an infinitely holy God with her own righteousness.  God’s holiness and his justice required payment for sin.  Only an infinite payment could satisfy an infinitely holy God. 2 Cor. 5:21.

Talked to a man, Joemo, and his wife Renee, who had gone to a Southern Baptist Church all their lives, 30 years.  I told him, “Joemo, God made Christ who had no sin to be sin in your place, so that in Christ you might have the righteousness of God.”  He said he had never had the Gospel explained that way before and that he didn’t have that kind of righteousness.  They said they were lost and had been trusting in their own righteousness.


March 13, 2010  Talked to a young Catholic man, Nathan, 25.  He understood that Jesus died for him, but did not understand that he needed Christ’s righteousness. 2 Cor 5:21.  He said that certain good things a person does are saving works in God’s eyes.  He felt that if his own righteousness was not enough then he would go to purgatory and be saved from there.  But: Gal. 2:16, 2:20-21.   Note:  In the course of evangelizing I run into so many Orthodox and Catholics that don’t have a clue about the Atonement and what it means for them.  To be fair I would also have to say that I have run into a Baptist couple that had been going to church all their lives and didn’t understand Jesus’ Atonement as well.  Most of the these people have not understood that they need Christ’s righteousness and are seeking to be justified on the basis of their own righteous deeds.

I guess I see a wonderful beauty in the way God does things.  I can say with David Brainard, missionary to the Indians, that I would want the Atonement to be accomplished in no other way.  All my righteousness is of filthy rags, I can add nothing to what Christ has already done.  I can praise Him for the joy He gives me in serving Him in my poor way.  And I also see that no man, no matter how great and how respected and how righteous can add anything to Christ’s Atonement by any kind of good deeds.  I love Christ and I want only Christ.


March 20, 2010  Brian and I talked with a young black woman, Amber.  She held a small girl, Victoria, the whole time we talked with her.  She said she was a Seventh day Adventist.  She understood that Jesus died for her but was amazed He took her sins upon Himself.  To her Jesus was sinless.  I explained to her that this sinlessness was transferred to the believer in the Atonement.  That is, Christ not only took our sins upon Himself but He also gave us His righteousness, 2 Cor. 5:21.  She then asked if I thought only the 144,000 in Revelation were going to Heaven.  This is what the Jehovah Witnesses believe.  So I showed her John 1:12 – that as many as believe have the right to become children of God.  but she said just because I have the right doesn’t mean I will.  (she meant just because I have the right to become president doesn’t mean I will.)  How awesome it is that when God gives us the right, He not only runs the campaign for us but elects us the to highest possible office in His kingdom, giving us full rights as His children.


March 27, 2010. Went out with Noel and DJ. Talked to a young college student, Jack, who was 22 years old. Jack struggled with the fact that his own righteousness couldn’t please God. He thought God would overlook his sins and see that he was a good person at heart. He said he had the Bible taught to him as a Methodist, but he had never read it. I explained to him how the Ten Commandments reflect God’s nature and God’s character. Jack saw that he had violated all of them, but was not deeply concerned about this. Emphasized true Godly sorrow and repentance as in 2 Cor 7:10. I had him read 2 Cor 5:21, but he didn’t understand it and asked me to explain it to him. He really didn’t see his need for Christ’s righteousness. He felt evil would be punished because it resulted in bad karma for the person who did the evil.

April 3, 2010 Went with Brian. I talked to Matt who goes to C3, a seeker church with the slogan: Connecting the Community with Christ. Matt did not know what to say to the question: If God were to ask you, “Why should I let you into my heaven, what would you say?”
On the question: What is the purpose of life: He answered: “To reach the lost. “ I said, Yes, but there is more to it that that. Eccl 12:13, says: “Fear God and keep His commandments”. God’s commandments are a reflection of His character. It is what He is like. In obeying Him in evangelism we reach out with God’s love to others in the hope they will return this love to God. In believing they love God for all He has done for them in freeing them from their sins by His blood. They are thankful to Him and give Him glory. So God’s love goes out from God to the sinner and returns to God when the sinner repents and embraces Him in loving service. God’s love always comes back to Him or it isn’t love, it is idolatry. We could say God’s love is like a boomerang.
In obeying God we never get any of the glory. Unregenerate man may think he should get some of the glory for obeying God. So for unregenerate man to give all his glory to God is high treason against the human race. It is taking glory from man’s kingdom and giving it to a usurping foreign power. This is why so much worship is man-centered and why those who think nothing of themselves and give their all to serving God are persecuted.


April 10, 2010 Went out with Brian to the condos opposite of McDonalds in Avalon. I talked to Rosalyn, who was a Porto Rican woman about 40. She seemed to be a true Christian. She had tears in eyes when we talked about Jesus. She had great love for our Savior and was so thankful to Him. She grieved over her sins and those of the world with a Godly sorrow. She was encouraged to come to Saturday morning evangelism with our church and be discipled in door-to-door evangelism. There are so few churches doing it. She went to a Spanish Baptist Church called the Disciples of Christ.


April 17, 2010 Went with Brian. Talked to Eli, 49,just retired from the Army. He felt there were holes in the Bible. That there were missing books not yet found. He also had trouble with interpretation. Everyone interpreted the Bible differently, he said, and that there was no one interpretation that was more true than another. When asked why should God let him into heaven? he replied, “I’ll deal with that when I get there.” I pointed out that he can’t get to heaven on the basis of his own righteousness and it is appointed for all men to die once and then face the judgment of God. Heb.9:27


April 24, 2010 Went with Brian. As we talked with Tyler about the Law of God and the Ten Commandments it became obvious that he was living in sin. His girl friend, Tiffany, then came out. She claimed she attended a big mega-church in Orlando. I read to her 2 Cor. 5:21, known as the single key verse of the entire Bible. When I asked her what it meant, she was dumbfounded, and could not answer. She was really shook up. Most of these false churches don’t even use the word sin.


May 1, 2010 Went with Brian. Pled with several people to repent of their sins and follow Jesus in a lower income area of Orlando. A black woman, Christina, was absorbed with the message and a Hispanic family listened closely. Their little boy was very attentive to the whole Gospel presentation, the father, Carlos, then promised to take his family to church.


May 8, 2010 Went with Bob. Talked with Anthony from Kentucky. He claimed to want to go to a church that emphasized repentance and preached against sin. Yet it became obvious that he was living in sin. His live-in girl friend came out to talk. Her husband didn’t want to give her a divorce so she was living with Anthony with her four small children. Neither of them saw anything wrong with this! This is how crazy or numb our “Christian” society has become, Both were going to the big Mega-Church down the street. They gave me a bottle of cold water and invited me back next time I was in their neighborhood.
Anthony claimed to want to go to a church that preached against sin. Yet it became obvious that he was living in sin. His live-in girl friend came out to talk. Her husband didn’t want to give her a divorce so she was living with Anthony. Neither of them saw anything wrong with this! Yet they were involved in adultery and fornication and wanted to have Bible devotions with their children each night. Anthony was also concerned for his older son who had rejected the faith. They wanted to live together in sin yet at the same time wanted to have a vibrant “Christian Life”. I really felt for this man because unless he breaks off this relationship he’s headed for nothing but trouble and ultimately the wrath of God. I read to him Lk 6:46-49. Also God says: “so be holy in all you do.. be holy, for I am Holy,” 1Peter 1:16. Strangely, they gave me a bottle of water and invited me back.


May 15, 2010 Went back with Bob and talked to Anthony. Took him through the survey and the Law of God. I read to him 2Cor 5:21 and how repentance is necessary and that repentance is not just asking for forgiveness of sins and accepting Jesus as his Savior. This is not in the Bible. But that repentance is a total turning from sin to follow Jesus with all one’s heart. Talked to him about the sin of adultery and he admitted he was guilty of it. I read to him Ephesians 5. “But among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality,…For you can be sure: No immoral,.. person… has any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God… for because of such things God’s wrath comes on those who are disobedient.” He understood this. I explained that salvation is entirely by grace, but if we are saved there will be certain evidences. We are judged by our works because this is evidence of our salvation not because it gains us any kind of merit, Eph 2:10, Matt 7:21, Luke 6:46, Matt 25:31-46, Rev 20:12. God says to test ourselves to see if we are in the faith: 2Cor 13:5. 1 John has the tests: a) 2:3- do you obey Jesus’ commands?, b) 3:9 do you continue in sin?, c) 3:14 – do you love to be around the brothers in Christ?, d) 5:1 do you love God?, e) 5:4 – have you overcome the world or does it overcome you?


May 22, 2010 Went with Brian. Talked with Daniel. He said he liked Baptists and liked what we were doing, but that he was a Catholic. He said that there are a great many interpretations of the Bible. But that the Catholic Church received its interpretation handed down through the Apostle Peter and the early Church Fathers. When asked what he would say when he stood before God on Judgment Day and God asked him, “Why should I let you into my Heaven?” Daniel answered, “ I would ask God to look at the good I have done and ask Him to heal me of the rest. By this I think he was referring to Purgatory. I tried to show him that God wants us to understand the Bible and it is clear. It means what it says and there is only one interpretation. The problem is that men don’t want to believe what it says. It is a belief problem not an interpretation problem. Also there is nothing we can add to God’s Atonement and when we stand before God we face the Judgment either with Christ’s righteousness (2 Cor 5:21) or with our own righteousness which counts for nothing (Rom 3:10, 20). Without Christ’s righteousness we are dead in our sins (Eph 2:2) and God’s wrath is the only thing left for us. Eph 2:3b; 5:5-6. Without Christ’s righteousness we would be destroyed even trying to approach an absolutely holy God with our filth clinging to us.

For the GOC it is necessary to repent just before a person dies. The Catholic belief is that a person can ask for God’s forgiveness and healing even after they die. The problem with this is that to even appear before an infinitely holy God without being destroyed, we need Christ’s righteousness. Remember even Moses could not look upon God without being destroyed. No man can add or subtract from the Atonement. As a Christian, part of following Jesus involves repentance and turning away from sin. True godly repentance from sin is evidence that we are saved, not merit that gains us anything with God and in some way completes God’s Atonement. In Isaiah it says, “We are healed by His, Christ’s, stripes, -Christ’s suffering and death. The Bible is clear that we can add nothing to Christ’s Atonement (Rom 3:10-20). Christ, himself said, “It is finished.” So either we are clothed in Christ’s righteousness or we are naked in our sin when we appear before the Creator of the whole universe and no amount of repentance or pleading is going to correct the fact that we don’t have Christ’s righteousness, because we are relying on our own.

If we attempt to approach God on the basis of our own righteousness, no matter how we might term it, [that is, repentance, receiving the sacraments of the church (they lie and say these are a means of grace) –this is not taught in the Bible, or “venerating” icons, or Mary or any such thing not taught in Holy Scripture, or even the righteous acts taught in Scripture,] we are spurning the righteousness of Christ!! We don’t finish the Atonement for God. We don’t work with God to finish our Atonement. To even think we could do this borders on blasphemy against a holy God. Again our righteous deeds spring out of our relationship with Christ because we love and want to obey Him and are evidence of our salvation. They gain us no merit with God toward our salvation at all. Jesus finished the Atonement Himself, without our help. There is NOTHING we can do to improve it or finish it or make it better for ourselves. All our works toward that end are spitting in the face of God and are showing that we hate Him and hate His way of salvation and want our own way.

EVANGELISM Matt 12:30, If you are not gathering with Christ you are scattering. You are dead if you are not evangelizing Luke 11:23. Ezek 3:17-19, We must warn sinners to turn from their sin or we are not really evangelizing. The message of verse 18 is that “You will surely die.” You must warn the wicked, “You are wicked sinner, even you good works are filthy. You must turn from the your wicked ways. Don’t be a soul murderer –evangelize.


May 29, 2010 Went with Brian to Avalon across from MacDonald’s. Talked to a young black woman, Yanique. We talked to her about the Law of God. How that being a good person in relation to people around her was not the same thing as a being a righteous person before God. She admitted she had disobeyed God’s Commandments and would be judged and sentenced to hell. I read to her Rom 14:12, I asked her, “Who will have to give an account of himself to God”? She said, “I will.” “Yes, everyone will. We can’t appear before God with your own righteousness. We must have Christ’s righteousness. Are our interests and thoughts centered on Him? Do we have this evidence in our lives that we are His? Have we obeyed the first and greatest command: To love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind? She didn’t want to come to Christ under false pretenses without counting the cost.


June 5, 2010 Went with Brian. Talked to two young men in their 20’s sitting in their garage drinking beer and smoking cigarettes. I set down with them. One of them, Jason, had silver studs all through his face, in his cheeks, nose, lips, forehead, and ears plus what he called body art all up and down his arms. Jason claimed he was a Christian and that he went of the big megachurch, Northland. Steven, the other young man, said he was a Christian from a small town in Texas and had been corrupted by lust in coming to Orlando. Both claimed to be backsliders, admittedly into sexual sin and other things for 4 years. I told them that by the tests in 1 John, that they were not Christians or Christ followers.
In the evening did open air preaching at Crane’s Roost Park in Altamont. The young men said it encourages them to have older men like me preach with them. Preached on the Woes in Isaiah chap 5, from the viewpoint of a watchman, Isa. 21:11-12. Josh Dodge, Jeremy- 1 Cor 6, and Michel Dinger – Phil 2 also preached We all preached on the Law of God and how our society has torn down those walls allowed sin and wickedness to run wild. You really feel like a prophet up on the box. You are giving out the words of life, but most people walk on by unconcerned that they are going to a Christless eternity in everlasting torment. It usually happens that a few people stop to listen. On nice-looking young man listened for over an hour. He had grown up in Cuba and had seen the blatant disregard for the Laws of God in Cuba and here in this country. He wanted God to cleanse him from his sins.


August 14, 2010 Went with Brian. I met a middle-schooler, Greg, mowing his lawn. When I handed him a repentance tract he tried to give it back. I don’t believe in God, he said. He said the Bible was just made up stories about a God that doesn’t exist. But when it was explained to him that this God who doesn’t exist was going to judge him and send him to a burning hell for all eternity, and that he could be killed at any moment and face that judgment, his attitude changed. He put the repentance tract in his pocket and wanted to hear more.
It is a shame that boys like Greg are lied to about God at their schools and in the media. But when they hear the other side of the story they realize they are hearing the truth for the first time. This is why everyone who is a true Christian needs to go out into world and do evangelism. It is not optional, but is necessary or people are not going to hear the truth.


August 21, 2010 I went door to door evangelizing this week with a young man who I am discipling, Noel, 22. When I got through showing a woman that she was a sinner and needed Christ, she asked me, “How can I be saved?” She was quite serious. In the past I would have led her through the sinners prayer. But the people I have done that with have not ended up following the Lord wholeheartedly. So I had the boy who was with me give her his testimony and tell her what it cost him to become a Christian. He told her that his friends deserted him and called him sick and crazy and tried to entice him back to his old way of life. I went over the red repentance tract with her and told her to count the cost of becoming a Christian because it would cost her everything. She was quite concerned and gave us the address of other people in her neighborhood she wanted us to go to with the Gospel.


September 4, 2010 Went with Josh. In going door to door. I talked to a sheriff. It is not often that we get to tell a sheriff what to do. But the authority of God was with me. I had him read out loud 2Cor. 5:16-21. A look of amazement came on his face as he read the passage. I could see the Holy Spirit beginning to work on him. He had never understood the truth of the Gospel before.


September 11, 2010 Went with Josh. I talked with a 16 year old boy, Willie, who seemed interested in evangelism. He seemed to be a Christian and I pray that he might get actively involved in spreading God’s Word.
In the afternoon I went with 13 others to preach to the crowds getting ready to go to a football game at UCF. When we got there crowds of people had put up shelters were eating and drinking beer in the grass around the stadium. I started handing out tracts but it was hard because many of the guys had a can of beer in each hand. I don’t know how you drink two cans of beer at once, but this was a common occurrence. We set up three preaching stations amongst the crowds, but drunken brawls broke out around us. The police came and told us they couldn’t insure our safety if things got bad and asked us to move off campus.
We started preaching at a street corner where crowds were waiting to cross. It was a different kind of preaching as we had to time our message to the four minute traffic light. But we had a captive audience. One man started to curse, but the officer directing traffic told him to stop. When it was my turn to preach I failed miserably at a four minute message. But we were greatly encouraged because people were hearing what God required of them.


September 17, 2010 Friday went with Kyle’s group to UCF for evangelism and open-air preaching in the free speech area around the reflecting pool. I talked with an agnostic student for over an hour. He seem to come under conviction a couple of times. I explained that Christianity is different from all the religions of the world in that salvation is a free gift. It is not possible to earn salvation—it is too costly. Our so called good deeds will always fall short. Amazing as it seems this young man had gone through a Catholic middle school and high school and did not understand the truth of the Gospel. I was surprised to find him clinging to the theory of evolution because Intelligent design has pretty much put the coffin nails into the idea of evolution. He wanted more information on Creation and wrote his email address on his homework to give to me. Pray for him.


September 25, 2010 Went with Josh. In doing door to door evangelism, God led us to Monique. She turned out to be a state employee at UCF. She proclaims Christ daily to her co-workers at the risk of her job. When I told her that we did open air preaching and evangelism at UCF she told us ways in which we could be more effective. UCF has free speech zones. We are thankful to God that we are allowed to proclaim Christ at all on campus. Let me encourage every true Christian to preach Christ every chance you get. The time may be short. If your church as a body is not actively going out and evangelizing the areas around them, telling people about Christ, then let me encourage you to find a church that does this. If you can’t find one, start one.


October 1, 2010 went to UCF. One of the young men who has a strong voice attracted some who mocked his preaching. I talked one young man who said he thought Jesus was a zombie because He rose from the dead. And the Gospel was bad news not good news. I couldn’t blame him too much because I was just like him. I can see myself saying the same things before I found Jesus; or rather Jesus found me and loved me and changed my heart.


October 2, 2010 Went with Brian. Talked to a humanist, Roger Kerishna. He said all the problems in the world are due to a belief in God, whom he said doesn’t exist. The hate in the world is due to religion. Jews, Protestants, Catholics, Moslems, Buddhists, etc., all hate each other. He was mean spirited and arrogant so it was hard to talk to him, but I tried to explain that belief in Christ is not a religion but a relationship. And that man is not basically good but just the opposite. Man’s fallen nature is responsible for the evil in the world. He made a big show of taking our pictures with his phone and saying we were trespassing and soliciting which was untrue.


October 9, 2010 Went with Tyler. Talked to a man from Hong Kong, named Ander. He said he went to a Christian school in Hong Kong but he didn’t remember anything that was taught about God. He politely listened but did not want to make any kind of commitment. He was very anxious not to offend. He thought there might be a God, but if he committed to God he would offend his Buddhist friends. (Instead he was willing to offend the true and living God.) Heb 10:26-27.


October 15, 2010 Went with Kyle, Mike Baucom – son of Robert, Brett, Julian, Jobe, Jeremy, Mark Brashers, Sebastian, Luis, Michael –the oboe player, and others to UCF. I did open air preaching with the 5 others underlined. I preached on Job 28, Gods wisdom vs, man’s wisdom. What a joy in spite of occasional hecklers. Many students stopped to listen to us. We made good contacts for the Lord. One student even wants to do a documentary on what we believe for one of her classes. There are a lot of students coming to the church from UCF as a direct result of the evangelism we do there. When they come to Christ they want to do evangelism with us so it just multiplies. The church has become so full that the middle school and high school kids have to meet outside during the main service. The church is so packed that there is no room to squeeze more in. The county won’t let us enlarge the church unless we buy more land because of parking space. The Pastor preaches for two hours not including the music so two services would not work.


October 16, 2010 Went door to door with Josh, a young college student who is studying math. His desire now is to attend Bible college and serve Christ after he graduates from UCF. We talked with a man born in the West Indies, for almost 2 hours. We were able to show him that all other religions are false except the excellent way God provided in Christ. That our own righteousness is as filthy rags and we can only be saved by Christ’s righteousness. He invited us back to talk to him again. It is so wonderful to talk to people about the Gospel.
October 23, 2010 Went with Tito. Talked to Hector Padilla, a retired Army sergeant. He claimed to be a Catholic but had many strange ideas. He said the a priest told him that Jesus had to have sinned in order to obtain forgiveness from God. Hebrews 4:15 clearly says Jesus was without sin. He saw on TV that some anthropologist found Jesus’ bones along with Mary Magdalene and their child. And the DNA of the child matched Jesus and Mary’s DNA. This is the kind of nonsense people are believing. 1 Corinthians written 20 years after Jesus’ death says Jesus died for our sins, was buried, and rose again. Over 500 people that knew Him saw this, many even gave their lives. These were timid folks who ran away when Jesus was arrested. They would not have given their lives for an imposter.


October 23, 2010 Went open air preaching at UCF after the football game. Went with Mark Mudge, Michael Deinger, Robert and Mike Baucom, Angel C, Pito, and others. Got there around 6:30 PM. Only at one crossing point were there people waiting to cross. I was only able to preach half my sermon before the traffic light changed. I had timed it for 4 minutes but I couldn’t start right away because people came more slowly from the game. After I preached I went with Mark, and Mike B. to find other locations. Mark started preaching near a construction site on campus and right away a group of students gathered around him asking questions. Most questions were about whether a Christian could sin and be a Christian. Mark said a true Christian has a new nature that hates sin but can still fall into sin. A pig’s nature is to like filth but a sheep’s nature is hate it.
I talked to student who said he used to be an atheist until he found out about a drug called DMT which he said was naturally released at the time of death and caused a person to see a tunnel of light leading to an after death experience. He said this could not evolved and made him know that there is a God.


Friday, October 29, 2010 God to UCF at 11:00 and ended up staying to 4:00PM. I preached and others did as well, but nothing much happened until Kyle started preaching. A group of 20 to 30 students gathered around to hear him. Some were atheists, some Christians, some listeners. The atheists tried to dominate with their earthy wisdom. Their defeat is assured by the wisdom of God in the Word of God. They kept bringing up worthless arguments not even letting Kyle finish one point before bringing up another. Kyle was fielding questions for 2 hours and was mentally exhausted. It resulted in the Christians’ faith being strengthened. One student wanted to know how he could join us in preaching. Others stood up and defended their faith. We can trust God that He has begun to unravel the atheistic view of many stony hearts by the power of His Word breaking down barriers to faith. It was exciting see God working by His mighty power. What a privilege we have to be Christ’s ambassadors to the lost.
The young man that was preaching last so successfully disarmed the atheists, that students gathered around afterwards and we spent another 2 hours counseling them in becoming Christians and following Christ. What a joyful time! Some stayed til 6:00PM.
At 6:00PM when to check on the possibility of preaching at the park next to the “Tribes”. But at that time only a few families were there grilling and having supper. We will try for another time.


Saturday, October 30, 2010 Went with Josh door to door. I talked with an 18 year old boy, Matt. I took him through the law of God. He came to the conclusion on his own that there was no way he could erase even one sin and that there was no way he could save himself. He realized his need for Christ taking his sin and of participating in Christ’s righteousness. And that he needed to forsake his sin and become a new creation in Christ. 2 Cor 5:17, Luke 13:5.

At 5:15PM I went with Nancy, Mark Mudge, and Tom Mutugi to do open air preaching at end of a football game at the Campanile intersection at UCF. It was a joyful time. Many heard the Gospel. Even children were hearing the Gospel for the first time. God gives a joy in preaching the Gospel to the lost. Two 10 year old boys were drinking in every word I said. It was like God established a connection between us. Others noticed it also. I tremble to think what God is going to do in their lives because they heard a lowly street preacher speaking the Gospel to them on a corner. It brings tears to my eyes when I think so much rests on so little. What if I hadn’t gone that night? God is so good to me.


November 6, 2010 I took David evangelizing with me today. In going door to door I met a 10 or 11 year old boy scout who was doing a fund raiser. He said he had never gone to church and he had no idea who Jesus was. It turned out he was Buddhist, but I had about two minutes to tell him about Christ before a woman came and got him. Please pray for this boy, that God had us meet. Two people we talked to were looking for a church. One woman was a Christian realtor who wanted to recommend our church because we were out evangelizing. One older man, Thurman, said he had been thoughly turned off to churches in the past, but now that he had two little ones to raise he wanted a church for them.

I took David to lake Eola park tonight. I preached with Jeremy, Gerome, Charlie, and two others. My sermon lasted for only about 6 minutes. I was surprised when David got up and preached with a strong voice for about 2 minutes from Isaiah 40. He seem to look for signs that God wants him to do something like the wind turning the pages of his Bible.

David is in his first year of college at Valencia. He is an MK from Indonesia and his parents live in Cape Canaveral. He has a brother in High School.


November 12, 2010 I preached open air at UCF with Kyle’s group. Pastor Mark and Charlie V. was there also. A student objected to my preaching saying it was emphasizing the wrath of God instead of the grace of God. But without knowing the wrath of God no one will truly repent. And without repentance all we have is cheap grace –the idea that a person can live like the world and be a Christian. Jesus must be Lord of our lives.

The outspoken leader of the atheists who mocked us on campus now has a NT in his backpack and the whole Bible on his iPhone as a result of our preaching at UCF. He is checking out everything we say. The God-meme has leaped into his brain and the God-virus has infected him, to use Dawkin’s terms. I too gave up atheism with no regrets when someone showed me the Bible made a whole lot more sense than my atheism did. I have to add, this atheistic student claimed he would convert us all the atheism before he was done with us. Instead it worked the other way around.


November 13, 2010 I preached five times to five large groups of people returning from a football game. My voice held out better but I definitely need to memorize more Scripture. I went with Mark Mudge, and Robert Baucom. Schondra and her little boy, Darius, passed out tracts. It is a privilege to be able to do this for such a timid person like me. We cast God’s precious seed. It will not return to Him void.


November 20, 2010 Went out with David Wodka, Talked to an older man from Trinadad, Brinsley Green. He seemed open to the Gospel. I pray that God will save him.


November 20, 2010 I preached to crowds exiting the Citrus Bowl football game. I preached with Gerome, Robert and Mike Baucom, Mark Mudge, Tito, Josh, and Edgar. Clyde came also but didn’t preach. We set up near the main entrance and pled with the people to forsake their sins and give their lives to Christ. But how many Churches are out there with us preaching the Gospel to the lost? This is the real problem as I see it. We don’t see anyone else out there preaching to the crowds of lost but us. We are not proud of this. We grieve over it. Of all these people who call themselves Christians, how many are following Him and doing what He said to do? –evangelize and make disciples! Matt 9:37-38, 28:19.

If we don’t evangelize the lost we are going to lose the right to evangelize the lost. God will take it away from us. I cried out tonight, begging people to turn to Christ before it is too late. Like you say the Church is asleep!


November 27, 2010. The hardest people to talk to are those who think they are Christians. When asked what they are relying on for salvation, they take great pride in saying they are good people. When I show them that they have violated every one of the Ten Commandments, they, like the Pharisees before them, get very angry. God says no one is a good person, Rom.3. Salvation is only by repentance and faith in Christ, Acts 20:21.


December 4, 2010. I talked to a high school boy, Alejander. It grieved me to talk with him. He said he never had gone to church. He had no idea what the meaning of life was. When I asked him what he thought of the Bible, he said, “I don’t know, I never read it.” He said Jesus was a man. When asked about the Ten Commandments he said he had his own commandments he went by but he didn’t know what they were. He admitted to breaking God’s commandments, but was not concerned about the fact that he going to Hell, because that was my belief, not his. He had been deceived into believing there were no absolutes, but when confronted with the illogic of such a statement he conceded there were absolutes. And when confronted with the fact that the Gospel accounts were eye-witness accounts he began to soften his hard heart.

At 2:00 in the afternoon I went with Mark Mudge, Nancy, Jenn and another girl to open air preach after at UCF football game at the junction of McCulloch and Lockwood Dr. Mark and I preached several times to groups of people waiting to cross. Two young boys seemed particularly interested. I had to steer a drunk man away from Mark while he was preaching. Jenn prayed and it turned out all right.


December 10, 2010. Friday, 11:00 to 1:30PM. Preached open air at UCF in the free speech area near the Library and fountain with Mike and Robert Baucom, Brett, and Jobie. I preached using the atheist, Dawkins, definition of faith as a disease. It is kind of fun to do this because the Bible says, “faith comes by hearing the Word of God.” So I was spreading the disease. I can only hope and pray that seeds of faith were planted in those who walked by. I talked to one girl who was looking for a solid church. She said she would come and visit. We think that by doing evangelism we will be rejected, but I have discovered that people are looking for something solid to base theirs lives on. Our society is like a ship cut adrift from it’s moorings going nowhere. Only heartfelt repentance and faith in Christ can give us true North to steer our lives by.


December 11, 2010, Saturday. Went door-to-door with Jerome in Celery Keys in Sanford. Talked with a black woman who seemed to be a Christian. She was a prosecuting attorney. I talked with a man that was flaunting sin on his tee-shirt. He said he never went to church and did not desire to go. But he listened and took the repentance tract. So maybe a seed was planted.


December 18, 2010, Saturday. I did not do any evangelism. Went to Alcira’s and David’s wedding. The reception was held at her father’s 180 acre ranch. They had tables under a large open roof and under tents. A band played and Israel was the MC. They had musical chairs which was very funny with some of the young men from the church—Noland, Kyle, Mark, Alcira’s brother and some others.


December 19, 2010, Sunday. Went to Rod and Yalonda’s house discussed the coming totalitarian state in reference to Revelation chapter 13 and other places.


December 25, 2010 and January 1, 2011. I did not go evangelizing these Saturdays because they fell on Christmas and New Years. January 1, Invited Terry Eckert to our house. I used Mat. 5:22-25a to talk to him about his anger toward his brother Bill. That his contempt for his brother endangered his soul. Terry said, he was waiting until he really could mean it before confessing his sin and asking his brother for forgiveness. I asked him if the dangers of the fires of Hell for all eternity wasn’t enough motivation for him to really mean it. He agreed that it was.


January 8, 2011, Saturday. Went out evangelizing with Robert Baucom to Celery Key subdivision in Sanford. Talked to a woman, Luz. She was weeping as she heard the Gospel. We pray that the Lord will guide us to people He has prepared to hear the good news of His Gospel. God changes the heart of stone to a heart of flesh. He gives us a new heart and puts a new spirit in us.


January 15, 2011, Saturday. Went out with Jonathan Blackwell to Avalon. Talked to several Catholic men, Victor, Mike. All were trusting in being a good person and doing good works for salvation. Tried to get them to see the shortness of life and the need to prepare for eternity. They believed that if you confess your sins to the priest than you are OK with God. The Apostle preached that if you TURN from your sins in repentance to God and have faith in our Lord Jesus, He will save you. I explained: if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation, the old has gone! The new has come! The power to live the Christian life comes from God. We must be regenerated by the Holy Spirit in order for our deeds to please God. Even the most wonderful deeds done by the natural man are a stench to God, Romans 3:10-18, 23.


January 21, 2011, Friday. Did open-air preaching at UCF with Mike Deinger, Kyle, Mike Baucom, Jobby, Chase, Brett, Jayson, Frank, and others. I preached on 2 Cor. 5:21. I stressed the holiness of God, and sinfulness of man, and God’s desire to reconcile man to Himself through repentance and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Before I preached I talked with a young student, Sam. He was soft-hearted toward the Gospel. He thought God sort-of set things in motion and left it up to us use the tools He provided to affect our own salvation. I explained that salvation is entirely apart from works. He struggled with this as he wanted to do something. He said he had lived 20 years and all he had done was go to school and so far his life had been pretty meaningless. I told him the Gospel would give direction to his life, that he needed to truly repent of his sins and have faith in the Lord Jesus.

After I preached a young man, Chris, came up to me and said that he thought Christians were prideful because I had said, neither the Catholic church nor Mohammed, nor good deeds could save a person. The only way of salvation was by repentance and faith in Jesus. I explained to him the power of the Gospel in transforming lives and that it was not a leap in the dark. God has provided us with enough evidence to know He exists and that we have sinned against Him. He claimed to be an agnostic so I asked him how he explained evil in the world. He had no answer.

I really had a wonderful day Friday. For me it is becoming more joyful to share the Gospel with someone who is soft than any thrill the world has to offer. Friday I went to the University of Central Florida and started handing out tracts trying to engage the students in conversation about Christ. I talked to one young man for 45 minutes explaining the Gospel to him. He was a delight to talk to. It is just like fishing, but you have to be bold in talking to people which is not natural to me. But somehow God gives me the boldness, it is all from Him and His love for people not from me.

Then I preached the Gospel to the students as they walked by on the walkways. God gave me the words to preach. Two atheists talked to me afterward. They said I was arrogant because I said, “Mohammad can’t save you, the Catholic church can’t save you, and your good deeds can’t save you, only Jesus can save you.” As I spoke with them and asked them questions they grew nervous and finally said they had to go. I have found one of the best ways to talk to atheists is the ask them questions about what they believe because they really have no answers and the Bible does.


January 22, 2011, Saturday. Went door to door with Keith Jones. Went to Avalon. I talked with a man, Eddy, with six little children running around. He invited us in. Before coming to Florida he had taught at a Christian school. He seemed to know the Scriptures well but did not attend Church. When I asked him why he did not attend, he said, “No reason.” I stressed the importance of attending church and referred him to 2 Cor. 13:5. to test himself to see if he was in the faith. He knew about the Beatitudes as attesting to the character of a Christian. So I emphasized 1 John as a test to the actions of a Christian: Love not the world—don’t let it overcome you, Hate sin, Love to spend time with the brothers—other Christians, Love them so much as to give our lives for them. I emphasized that by not tithing, he was robbing God. God gives us all good things and only asks for 10% back. I should follow up on him with a CD of the Pastor’s preaching.


January 29, 2011, Saturday. When evangelizing with Robert Baucom in the Celery Key subdivision in Sanford. We talked to Frankin, a deacon at West View Baptist Church in Sanford. When Robert pointed out the disease of “easy believism” infecting many churches that says a person can be saved by walking an aisle and whispering a prayer, Franklin got very defensive. Then when Robert asked him if he would give his testimony and I asked him how he would evangelize someone, he accused us of being judgmental and judging him. But we are to judge those who claim to be inside the church. 1 Cor 5:12. How else can wolves be prevented from ravaging the flock? Matt. 7:15-23.

I talked to Derrick, 42. He said he visited around at various churches. I tried to impress upon him the urgency of knowing if he was in the faith. The Bible is absolute truth and when its light is shined on an unconverted person’s heart it makes them scurry like cockroaches away from the light. I talked to man, Derrick, who was like this. He tried to justify himself by saying that there are desperate circumstances where you have to do wrong. And God shouldn’t hold a person accountable for that. I tried to show him that it is never right to light our own fires, but we are always to trust God, Isaiah 50:10-11. He again tried to justify himself by telling us that we should talk to the young people. They are the ones that really need help, not him. Tried to show him that there are none righteous in God’s eyes, but to no avail. (He tried to justify himself and in failing that, he tried to steer attention away from himself to others that he thought to be worse.)

Talked to Justin, a Seven Day Adventist. When I read 2 Thes 1:8. He said I was judging him. The Bible could be interpreted many ways. He was very reluctant to admit that there was such a thing as absolute truth from God. He said we should emphasize kindness and love and not things like God’s wrath.
I need to use God’s Word more in evangelizing.


February 4, 2011, Friday. Went open-air preaching at UCF with Kyle, Darin, Jobi,
Brett, Michael Deinger, and others. Talked to two atheistic students: Chris and Adam. They no longer felt evolution had created the world by chance, but that it was Lucky chance that created the world. (The probability of evolution creating the world by chance has been pretty much shown to be mathematically impossible.) They were into a type of skepticism where they doubted everything. It is sad to see young men so deceived. But they keep coming listen to the preaching and to talk to me afterwards.


February 5, 2011, Saturday. Went with Gerome and Cecil to Celery Key subdivision in Sanford. Gerome talked to a black man, Michael, that seemed to be a Christian. He went to New Life Church on 13th Street in Sanford. We urged him to persuade his church to do door to door evangelism and if they wouldn’t to find another church.

I talked with, Junior, who said he had his own view of God. His God recognized that no one could meet his perfect standards. So that as long as a person was sincere in doing his best, God would allow him to enter Heaven. We pointed out that a just and holy God would not allow sinners to enter Heaven with their sin because a truly just God must punish sin. Since God is infinitely holy, the punishment for even the smallest sin must also be infinite in an eternity in Hell.


February 12, 2011, Saturday. In going door to door with Ralphie in Avalon, I talked with a couple that was very open to the Gospel, Paula and Rakesh Sharma. Paula was from Brazil and he was a Hindi from England. Paula gave us her cell phone number so we could schedule a meeting with her (407-267-6656). We were able to share with them the meaning of repentance, what Christ did for them on the cross, and many other Scriptures dealing with the Christian life and what it costs to follow Christ. They want to meet with us again. Pray for them.


February 18, 2011, Friday. Went open-air preaching with Mike Baucom, Brett, TJ, Emanuel, Dane, and Darin at UCF. I preached for about 20 minutes on Man’s wisdom not being sufficient for finding God. The need for a higher wisdom from God. How God’s foolishness is wiser than Man’s wisdom. After I preached, I talked with a loud boisterous atheist, Kevin. I had him read verses from the Bible out loud to me and tell me what they meant. He had a struggle reading the verses. He labored to read the verses correctly. It was like something was stopping him. Several of the young men with me thought he had an evil spirit. He kept coming back like he couldn’t stay away, sort of like Acts 16:17-18. He said he would have eternal life through quantum mechanics, so I asked him if he believed love existed. He said no, there was only lust. He said breaking all of God’s commandments would bring him success in life. It is amazing the lies that so called educated students are believing in our universities.

I talked to a Christian girl in her first year of college. She said it was a struggle for her at the university. There was so much that was antichristian. Her faith was under constant attack by God-less, meaningless philosophies. I was able to encourage her. I was so glad I was there and she stopped to talk.

I talked to David, who was a Jew. He kept quoting the OT in Hebrew. I emphasized to him over and over that he could not appear before a infinitely holy God with his own defective righteousness. He needed a Savior. He needed the righteousness that only Jesus Christ could provide to saved from God’s wrath. “He gave Himself for us, to redeem us from all wickedness, and to purify for Himself a people that are His very own, eager to do what is good.


February 19, 2011, Saturday. I went door to door with Eric White and his little two year old son, Evin. We went down Aloma to an apartment complex. I talked to young solder, Mike, just back from Iraq. He was very soft toward the Gospel. He said he had a struggle with doubts about God because of the terrible things the Moslems did over in Iraq. I explained that all sin is a result of man rejecting God and his desire to live for himself. I explained that God is going to destroy evil for all time, but if God destroyed evil right now, He would have to destroy each one of us. The Bible says that there is no one who is righteous before God, and there is no way that sinful man can earn his own salvation from God’s wrath. Only Christ lived a perfect life and paid the penalty of our sin for us. Only by repenting of our sins and turning to Christ can we be saved, Acts 20:21. There is no other way. John 14:6, Acts 4:12.


February 25, 2011, Friday. 9:30 – 12:30 PM. Went open-air preaching with Jimmy, Edgar, and Jeremy downtown Orlando at the intersection of Orange Ave and 17-92. Parked on Hillman Ave off of Robinson St. near Lake Eola. We prayed in a vacant lot and continued on. We set up a folding stool on the opposite side of the Orange Ave from a theater near the intersection of Orange and 17-92. Edgar preached first, then I preached. We used a battery powered bullhorn with a strap over our shoulder with a microphone. I preached that the people should repent of their sins and turn to Christ. That God would forgive them if they truly turned from their sins and followed Him. That their sins would only result in their destruction. That they could only find true happiness in a relationship with God.

One young man threatened twice to knock me off the stool I was standing on. But God gave me confidence and I kept on preaching to the crowds. I looked at him and he left. Crowds of people walked past where we were preaching, mainly couples, some girls went by in groups of four, men usually in twos or threes. As the night wore on the people seemed to be less and less sensitive to what we were telling them. Toward the end as their drunkenness increased very few would even accept the tracts we were handing out.

Though God gave me compassion for them, the people streaming by seemed like zombies, the walking dead. They were not happy. It was apparent on their faces that what they were doing did not bring them any kind of lasting joy. It verified the truth of the Bible. In Ephesians 2 it says: “they are dead in their transgressions and sins.”

Toward the end of the evening a young man, Joel, began to argue with us. Even though he was half drunk, he claimed to be Christian. We told him that there was no way he could be a Christian since he was in willful disobedience and rebellion against Jesus. This made him angry and he started cursing and poking Edgar in the chest and childishly stomped on Edgar’s foot. He then insisted on telling me his life’s story. His parents divorced and he went to The Master’s Academy Christian School in Oviedo. He graduated from Winter Park High School and attended a large church called “Summit”. The sad thing is that Joel never understood that being a Christian means turning from sin, hating sin and truly following Christ. He is the result of the false Gospel being taught or implied in so many churches: that you can be a Christian and not turn from your sins. This is not taught anywhere in the Bible. Instead Christ speaks of the narrow way, counting the cost, and not everyone who says Lord! Lord! will enter the kingdom of Heaven. Only those who faithfully do God’s will, Matt 7:12-24. Jesus says anyone who loses his life for My sake will save it for life eternal. We must be born again from above, recreated, John 3:3, 2 Cor. 5:17. This young man is a prime example of this kind of false teaching or lack of teaching about sin. As we left the area at 12:30, he followed me saying that only I could save him. He felt the guilt for what he was doing but refused to repent of his rebellion and give his life completely over to Christ.


February 26, 2011, Saturday. Went door to door evangelizing with Eric White and Pete. Eric talked to Chris, a middle school science teacher. He claimed to be a Christian but attended the mega-church, Summit. They don’t have much teaching on sin—so people think you can be a Christian and live pretty much like the world does. He did not understand what it meant to follow Jesus. Matt 7:13-14, 21-23; 10:32-39; 11:12; 12:30, 36-37; 16:24-26; 22:37-40; 28:19. This is just from Matthew. Also 1 John was written to show us what a true Christian looks like.

Eric gave the illustration of what it meant to take up your cross and follow Jesus, Matt 10:38, 16:24. To take up one’s cross in Roman times meant to lift and carry the cross beam that you were going to be crucified and die on. Jesus demands nothing less than our death to sin so that we might live for Him. “He Himself bore our sins in his body on the tree so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness,” 1 Peter 2:24. “He gave Himself for us to redeem us from all wickedness, and to purify for Himself a people that are His very own, eager to do what is right,” Titus 2:14. “…if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation,…” 2 Cor 5:17.

I talked to a Filipino woman, Tess. She was attending a church called “Church in Orlando” She seemed to be a Christian. I tried to encourage her to do evangelism, telling her that it was Jesus’ last and most important command.
Pete talked to a Korean pastor, who had some difficulty with English.


March 4, 2011, Friday. Preached open air at UCF. 11 – 1 pm. Went with Michael Dienger, Mike Baucom- Mike said it would be his last time because he got a promotion at work and has different hours., Met Brett, at reflecting pool. I preached after Michael Dienger. I preached on the sin of evolutionary atheism and how a just God must judge sin. I emphasized the Holiness of God and the only way of reconciliation is by repentance and faith in Christ.

Afterwards I talked to two Moslem young men Armin and Abdul. We talked about sin and how we can’t appear before a Holy God with sin. Armin admitted that he had no assurance of salvation. He did not want to admit that all have sinned as the Bible says. He said the Shia sect within Islam interpret the Koran as saying the prophets did not sin, but the Sunni sect says the prophets did sin. He was a Shia Moslem. He did not want to believe that he could not appear before a Holy God with his sins and that he needed a Savior.


March 5, 2011, Saturday. Went door to door with Eric White, his two year old son, Even and with Cecil. Eric and I talked with a young statistics professor at UCF. It was like talking to the Devil himself. We remarked to ourselves that the more education these professors get the stupider they get. He rambled on comparing God to a spaghetti monster. Then he said he was thinking of becoming a Buddhist because it is such a peaceful and stressless religion. He even said Buddha died and rose from the dead to save him. But unlike Christ, Buddha didn’t suffer God’s wrath in anyone’s place. We pointed out that Buddha is in Hell suffering God’s wrath for his own sins for all eternity.


March 11, 2011, Friday. Went down to the Amway Center at the end of Church Street in Orlando with Angel Colon. Left my car at his work place, Farmer’s Insurance off of Rinehart Rd. Road in his car and parked in the event parking at the Amway Center for $10. Jimmy set up for open air preaching across the street in front of the Amway Center. To preach to those going in to listen to Joyce Meyers, warning them that she was a false prophet. She deceives people into thinking they can get the things they want from God by the power of the words they speak in faith. Faith to her is a tangible force activated by words spoken aloud.

This is not the biblical view of faith at all. Faith is trust, reliance, and dependence on Christ. It is the hand of the believer reaching out with God given faith (no our own) to take the forgiveness and eternal life God is offering us through His Son. We dare not command God to do anything. Faith is not a force we use to get what we want. God is the force. We must ask according to His will. His will is not that we gain a lot of things or money. It is that we obey Him and follow Him and do His work even to the point of suffering persecution, and death. Joyce Meyers is getting rich off the false gospel she teaches. If she were to teach the true Gospel she would be persecuted for it.

I met another open air preacher from Metro Life Church. I think his name was George Smith. He believed in proclaiming the same Gospel message we did, but he and Angel got into an argument about speaking the Gospel vs. passing out tracts. Angel believed every Christian was to speak the Gospel and not just pass out tracts. George took exception to this.

We were there from around 6 to 8 PM. Then we went down Church Street to Orange Ave, turned the corner and had pizza upstairs in a little pizza place. Jimmy, Edgar, Angel, Charlie, with his son and daughter, Lovet, and Lee, and Mike Baucom.

Myself, Mike, Edgar, Angel, Lee, and Lovet stayed to preach on the corner of Orange and Church Street. We used the loudspeaker. I talked to Patrick Hogan who was with the Salvation Army rehab center downtown. He agreed with the message we were preaching. He said he was learning biblical exegesis and we were teaching the true Gospel. He said God had saved him and transformed his life. He did not see the importance of attending church so I exhorted him to do so. God commands us to love each other so closely that we would give our lives for each other. We cannot do this apart from a church that helps us to love each other and be close part of each other’s lives.

When I preached, two young men stopped to listen for the whole time. After I finished I went up to talk to them. They were both just out of the Air Force. They had seen a lot of the depravity in the world and it had shaken them to the core. They said they were looking for meaning in life. Something they could devote their lives to. They were both soft toward the Gospel. One of them, Andrew, said he was an agnostic, but he was afraid of going to Hell. I could tell God was convicting him. The other young man, Alex, said he was a Catholic all his life but Catholicism did not hold much meaning to him. I was able to explain to him that his own righteousness would never be accepted by God. Only by turning to Christ and relying on His righteousness could he be saved. We will definitely follow up on them.

We also met another couple who has seen as at the Joyce Meyer’s Conference and wanted to know why we were calling Joyce Meyers a false prophet. So we got to explain the Gospel to them.

Jimmy was not with us at the end because he had to go home and help his wife with a sick baby.


March 12, 2011, Saturday. Went out evangelizing with Eric White, his 2 year old son Even and Brian McConnel. I talked with a young black man, Brandon, at length. Took him through the Repentance Tract. Our eternal destiny is the most important thing in the world and even the smallest sin will separate us for eternity from God who is infinitely holy. Only by hating and forsaking our sin and loving Christ who suffered in our place can be saved from God’s wrath.


March 13, 2011, Sunday. I gave a tract to a boy and he said, “I am a Christian, see!” He pulled out a gold cross from around his neck. I know he meant well and perhaps he truly was a Christian. But a gold cross is not proof of being a Christian. In the judgment, Jesus is not going to ask us whether or not we wore a gold cross. The proof of whether we are a Christian or not is our obedience out of love for Him. Jesus says, if you love me you will obey me. “The man who says, I know Him, but does not do what He commands is a liar…,” 1 John 2:4. Jesus commands us to evangelize and tell others the Good News.


March 16, 2011,Wenesday. Gave a repentance tract to a waitress at Olive Garden. I told her the most important thing in the world was to have a relationship with God. She thanked me very much and said she had just gone through a divorce and needed a relationship with God.


March 18, 2011, Friday. Went open air preaching at UCF with Kyle. Later Brett, Noel, and others came. I preached on the tsunami in Japan. How it was a warning from God to repent of our sins and turn to Him. I told them how Jesus was the only way, the only truth, and the only true life. There is much concern on campus about all these things that are happening. I had an opportunity talk about the book of Revelation to a concerned student.

I talked with a Moslem student who was very interested in the Gospel. I explained the holiness of God, the disobedience of man, why no one can earn their salvation. How costly our salvation was to God in sending a Savior. Then I told him to count the cost of becoming a Christian. Christ requires that we acknowledge Him and lay down our lives for Him. I explained what it means to take up the cross. It means you are going to lose your life for Christ. He was still interested after all that and wanted to hear us again.

Because of the good response to our bold open air preaching many other Christian groups have been emboldened to preach directly to the students. We are thankful to God for the increasing Christian witness with many preaching the true Gospel message on campus.


March 19, 2011. Saturday. Went door to door with Pete, down Aloma to Loma Apartments. Shared the Gospel with a man from Porto Rico with two little girls. He was a nominal Catholic and had read very little of the Bible. He thought that as long as he was a “good” person God would overlook his sins. I showed him that this is not the case and that he was making a false god to his own liking. He could not understand how God could find fault with such a “good” person as himself. It is such a common thing today that people do not understand the holiness of God and the filth of their own sins and rebellion. As followers of Christ, we are warning everyone they must turn to God in repentance and have faith in our Lord Jesus, Acts 20:21.


September 24. 2011, Lake Eola. One of the young men who preaches with me in the park looks like he is 16 years old. He is really much older than that. He also has the misfortune to look a little like me. But I was still surprised when a man came up to me and accused me of abusing my son by making him stand up there warning people about Hell. Actually I am very proud my new son does this.


October 1, 2011 Lake Eola Jesus still attracts the little children. In preaching the Gospel at Lake Eola Park in Orlando a group of little children came and stood looking up at me listening to the words of Jesus. They stayed until their parents called them away. Another group of children listened to one of young men preach then came back a second time to hear more. How wonderful it is to see Jesus reaching out to children through the Gospel just as He did in the Bible.

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