The Great Evangelism Analogy Search

Welcome to the great evangelism analogy search!

Hey there. It has been a while since I have had the ability to write consistently. Praise God for my new job where I have been in training. Out of training now and itching to start this new project.

Now that I’m back to being able to write more often, I wanted to start soliciting everyone for any illustration and/or analogies they might use when evangelizing. The idea is to get a database started for the edification of the saints. Have any favorite analogies or illustration? Send them to me!

There are many different ways you can submit the analogies you use all the time. Even variations of common analogies will work. Send them to me by email, post them in comments, or even facebook, twitter, and google+. Be sure to tell me who you are so I can site you as my source.

Is all that comes to mind is illustrations from scripture, send those my way as well. Let me know how you use them in your evangelism. Ultimately, if it can be helpful for evangelism, send it my way. I will try to incorporate all I can.

This begins The Great Evangelism Analogy Search!

Please feel encouraged to leave your opinion!