What If Christ Evangelized as You Do – Illustration

What if Christ evangelized as you do, with the same zeal, fervency, and love, what would the world look like today? Would the gospel, the power of God to salvation, have reached the Jews and ultimately the world?

Who will hear without a preacher? We are all called to go and make disciples. Are you faithful enough to the great commission for God to be able to bless your efforts to the salvation of souls?


Who does this illustration apply to?

1) Christians. Those of you that love the gospel and those who need it; who are seeking to save the lost. Let this encourage you and keep on the path that Christ has set you upon always learning and increasing in His likeness!

2) Christians who’s love has grown cold. Let this illustration remind and stir up in you that first love.

3) Christian? Those who do not evangelize nor care to do so. You say that God has saved you from the wrath you deserve, but are too frightened or careless to give others the message that can save them from wrath. If Christ was willing to suffer and even die for you, why are you not willing to do the same for Him?

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